Claiming CME for NYSGE Programs


Your CME Dashboard

CME from all NYSGE events may be claimed through a single online source. These courses include:

  • 2018 through 2021 Annual New York Course (Scroll down for 2013-2017)
  • All 2019-2021 Seminar Series programs
  • The Spring Course: Best of DDW 2019

Eligible courses are displayed on each participant’s dashboard. CME certificates may be printed, downloaded, or emailed from the CME dashboard upon completion of the evaluation for each event.

User Name And Universal Password

To evaluate and claim credit for courses you have attended, login to the CME website with your User Name (Member ID) and the Universal Password. These are different from the credentials used to login to the NYSGE website.

A link to the evaluation website, your User Name and the Universal Password can be found in an email message sent from Express Evaluations either just before or just after each course. If you can’t locate that email, here’s how to find your User Name and the Universal Password:
The Universal Password is: NYSGE
Your User Name is a 3 to 5-digit number, which can be found on the NYSGE website by following these steps:

  • Login to with the User Name and Password you normally use for the NYSGE website
  • The website will open to the My Profile page.
  • In the center section, scroll down to Member ID
  • Your number is displayed there

For the Annual New York Course, your User Name (Member ID) may be printed on your badge.

Your Contact ID remains constant even if you change the User Name or email address saved on the NYSGE website, providing you do not create a duplicate profile when registering for a course.
If you have attended ANY NYSGE program in the past, you should have a profile and may use the “Forgot Password” function to retrieve your user name and a temporary password by entering your registered email. If you are unsure of the email associated with your NYSGE website account, please contact the office at 646-218-0650 for assistance.

Always Sign-In Or Check-In For CME Events

When attending a Seminar Series event, be sure to stop at the Registration Desk and either pick up your badge or sign the attendance sheet. For Seminar Series programs, if you did not pre-register, be sure to print your name and email address legibly. If you pre-register but do not sign in, or provide Illegible information, the event won’t appear on your CME dashboard and you won’t be able to claim credit.    

For assistance with claiming CME from The Spring Course or Seminar Series programs prior to 2019, please contact [email protected]

2013-2017 Online Evaluation And CME/CE Certificates

Click here to access the 2017 Online Evaluation Website
Click here 
to access the 2016 Online Evaluation Website
Click here
 to access the 2015 Online Evaluation Website
Click here
 to access the 2014 Online Evaluation Website

Click here to access the 2013 Online Evaluation Website