Membership Benefits

Why Become a Member?

As the largest regional gastroenterology and endoscopy society in the United States, joining NYSGE provides you unparalleled networking and educational opportunities. Review the exclusive member benefits below and click the join now when you’re ready:

✔️ Cutting-Edge Education: From virtual seminars to the Annual New York Course, membership provides you discounted or complementary access to a wealth of educational resources.

✔️  Networking Opportunities: NYSGE provides a vibrant platform to foster collaborations, share insights, and expand your professional network within the fields of gastroenterology, gastrointestinal endoscopy, hepatology, or gastrointestinal surgery.

✔️  Collaborative Learning: Engage in interdisciplinary discussions and gain fresh perspectives through interactions with colleagues from various medical backgrounds.

✔️  Research and Publications: Gain access to cutting-edge research and publications about the latest scientific breakthroughs and evidence-based practices.

✔️  Career Advancement: NYSGE provides a platform for professional development through mentorship programs, leadership opportunities, and exposure to thought leaders, enhancing your career trajectory.

✔️  Stay Informed: Receive regular updates on industry trends, guidelines, and emerging technologies, ensuring you remain well-informed and adaptable in an ever-evolving healthcare environment.

✔️  Patient-Centric Focus: Align yourself with an organization dedicated to advancing patient outcomes through the highest standards of care, continuous learning, and a commitment to innovation.

✔️  Exclusive Resources: Access member-exclusive resources, such as research grants, scholarships, and specialized training opportunities, allowing you to deepen your expertise and contribute to the field.

✔️  Professional Recognition: Membership in NYSGE showcases your dedication to professional excellence and positioning you as a leader in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

✔️  Advocacy and Leadership: Join a community that advocates for excellence in gastrointestinal endoscopy. As a member, you have the opportunity to contribute your voice to shaping policies and practices that impact patient care and the healthcare landscape.